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Prayers and Lament for Christchurch

18 Mar 2019

I continue to reflect with  shock on the horror which unfolded on Friday 16th March, a date that will now be etched into the minds of all people around the world forever. As our Muslim brothers and sisters, people just like us, gathered to offer prayer when the unimaginable happened, so many lives taken in […]

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ANZAC Day, Making Friends with Enemies.

4 May 2017

A coupe of weeks ago when I was visiting my son in Canberra, Heather and I went for a walk and ended up at the Australian War Memorial. It is a spectacular view looking from the steps of the War Memorial, down Anzac Parade across Lake Burley Griffin, to Parliament House. What is worth pondering […]

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Love one Another- is it that Hard?

1 Mar 2017

Two unconnected stories on ABC Radio found themselves intertwined in my mind. One was about the discussions that are happening within the Federal Parliament around possible changes to section 18c of the Anti-discrimination Act. This section deals with acts that are likely to offend, insult, or humiliate or intimidate another person because of race, colour […]

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A Grandparent’s Faith

1 Apr 2015

Time and time again I am told that it is a joy to be a grandparent. I don’t know about that yet. Whenever Heather is asked if we have any grandchildren, she says that she is not old enough to be a grandmother yet. I guess that means I am still too young to be […]

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The Holy Land?

16 Oct 2014

As most of you know, there is little chance of getting any real sleep in the “economy seats” of an international airline. So I am still coming to terms with the time zone of Brisbane after three weeks in the Middle East. This makes it difficult to make sense of all that Heather and I […]

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New Connections

4 Oct 2014

In the past few months the Church Council has been considering a number of proposals about the use of our Church facilities to serve our community. We have continued conversations with the Brisbane City Council about their initiative to reduce the number of vans feeding homeless people on the streets by facilitating more community meals. […]

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26 Jul 2014

A few weeks ago my aunt died suddenly.  My cousins now have to decide what should happen to all her things.  How do you dispose of your mother’s precious possessions in a way that doesn’t dishonour her memory? At the same time you have to realistically admit that there are many things that no one […]

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