Robertson Memorial Window

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Ruth and Naomi

These two windows were made in the workshop of R S Exton & Co in 1950. The artist was William Bustard.

The inscription reads,

Entreat me not to leave thee wither thou goest I will go.

I pray you let me glean after the reapers among the sheaves.


and in loving memory of Janet Williamson Robertson 1860 – 1946 

and Mure Hunter Robertson 1856 – 1945

Erected by their children, James, William, Mure and Anne

And also in loving memory of Mure Farquhar Robertson 1888 – 1950

The lower light common to both windows depicts Ruth saying to Boaz in the harvest-field, “Let me, I pray you, glean after the reapers in thy field.” In the two separate upper lights, the left light depicts Ruth kneeling at Naomi’s feet and saying, “Entreat me not to leave thee,” while the right light shows Ruth standing alone and saying, “Whither thou goest I will go.” The top medallion has a cluster of sheaves surrounded by roses of Sharon, while the border is done in beautiful red roses. In Jewish and sacred art, the rose of Sharon is the symbol of the promised Messiah. From the union of Boaz and Ruth the promised Messiah eventually issued.

The glass is particularly clear while the blending of colours is exquisite.

Mure Robertson, a former Auditor-General, was a member of St Andrew’s from the time of his arrival from Scotland as a lad until his death. For many years an Elder in this Congregation, he also rendered splendid service to the wider Church of Queensland. His wife was gracious and friendly. Their son, Mure, a Bundaberg bank manager, died while the memorial was being made. The letters AMDG are Latin for Ad majorem Dei gloriam, meaning “For the greater glory of God”.