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The Heartbeat of the universe surrounds us,
It’s rhythm undeniable,
The sun rises, the heat of her rays kiss the earth and the sea,
The sun sets, making way for the moon to cast shimmering light through the darkness.
A new day then dawns.

The seasons each bring their gifts,
Providing the earth with a time to rest, a time to spring forth and a time to flourish.

The seasons of life is our journey,
A journey of struggles and pain,
A journey of hope and joy,
A journey of adventure and experience,
Each offering a chance to grown and flourish.

The heartbeat of the universe surrounds us,
It’s rhythm undeniable,
The heartbeat is God,
The lifeblood of all.


Rev Susan Pickering

October 14, 2020


Sacred Mystery
Where can we find you?
How can we hear your voice?

The Spirit blows like a gentle breeze,
We hear the call, ‘fall silent.’
And so we stop,
We quieten our minds.
And we listen.

As we listen we learn,
As we listen we hear,
You are everywhere,
You are in the rising and the setting of the sun,
You are in the ebb and flow of the ocean,
You are the very source of life.
We hear your voice,
In the laughter of children,
In the cries of those in pain,
In the birdsong of the day,
You are ever present.

Let us offer deep gratitude to you this day, Amen

Rev Susan Pickering

October 13, 2020


Praise be to you Womb of Life,
Within you we grow, we struggle, we yearn,
We call to you, ‘deliver us!’
Deliver us into freedom from fear, 
Deliver us into a new beginning,
With restored hearts, minds and spirits.


Holy Midwife,
Guide us into newness,
Nurture us,
Hold us close as we breathe in the new.
Sing to us with the sounds of creation,
Dance with us to the rhythm of the universe,
Remind us, ‘we are your’s.’


Rev Susan Pickering

October 12, 2020


How can we know you?
We call you God, Father and the Lord,
Our minds so conditioned,
We lock you in and so we lock us out.


Spirit of Creation,
Open our minds, set them free,
Break down the barriers that keep us captive.
El Shaddai, Elohim, Shekinah,
Bread, Water, Fire, Wind, 
Mystery, Hope, Love, Life,
As we are set free, so we must not try to capture you,
For you cannot be captured,
Not in one word, not in one image.


How can we know you?
Let us open our hearts and let you be,
For then we will know you in essence.
For you are uncontainable,
Beyond our minds,
But present in all that is.


Rev Susan Pickering

October 11, 2020

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