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Gardener of our Souls,
As the sun radiates heat on the land,
The land becomes parched waiting for the water of life,
Today we pray that you, Holy Gardener,
Will enter into the parched areas of our lives,
That you will be the living water that refreshes our souls,
Be the spring of water that continues to flow,
So that we never thirst again.


Prune the branches of our lives that prevent us from growth,
Provide us with the nourishment we need that we will hunger no more.
Let our lives flourish,
Let us burst forth in colour,
Let us celebrate diversity,
Each of us companions on the way.


Rev Susan Pickering

November 07


Companion on the Journey

Come to us this new day and prepare our hearts.

As we awake it’s easy to feel that we are lodged in another world,

Our spirits are pulled and tugged, 

Desperate to be free in the world you desire,

Yet it’s easier to continue in the world we live.


As we look out to the world,

Let us hear your Spirit as she calls us to look into our souls,

Open our eyes to explore what lies within our hearts,

Grant us the strength to identify the things that motivate us,

Let us not fear the shadow spaces that lurk within.


Holy Spirit,

Nurture our spirits,

Encourage us to continue exploring our inward journey.

Help us to be faithful to this essential part of our life,

guide us and strengthen us,

In the name of the One who brings life.


Rev Susan Pickering

November 06, 2020


Eternal dwelling place,

Let us embrace with passion the gift of life,

It is so easy to be bogged down,

To let the negative take hold of our thoughts, visions and dreams.


Let us hear the call of your Spirit as she calls us;

“Behold! Enjoy! Appreciate! Embrace!

Welcome to you the gift of this new day!”

Let us remember;

You dwell within us and us in you,

You offer hope and life abundantly,

For you are our very Source of life.


In these uncertain times,

Help us to keep perspective,

Help us to stand firm in faith,

beholding, enjoying, appreciating and embracing.

Rev Susan Pickering

November 05, 2020


A prayer to you Sophia,

Wisdom of God,

When the darkness rolls in,

When light seems like a distant dream,

Fear lurking around each corner,

There you are,

Your arms wide open to receive us,

The light of your love breaks through.


We look to you,

You are Truth,

Ancient and yet eternal.

You, Sophia,

Fill our hearts with light and love,

You, Sophia,

Offer your wisdom to our empty minds and souls.

You, Sophia,

Offer healing as you weave among our brokenness,

Come, Sophia, come into our lives afresh.

Rev Susan Pickering

November 04, 2020

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