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Somewhere over the Rainbow by Tash.           

Holy One

Our journey through winter continues,

The longest night has passed,

The days are cool,

Wrap your love around us like a scarf,

Let us encounter the warmth of your love.


Midway through the year and we have to ask, ‘where has it gone?’

Never have we encountered such strange times.

So many lives have been lost to date,

Still COVID weaves through the world,

Creating a tapestry of suffering and death.

More than 10 million lives - then there are family and friends

The numbers become to great.


What is it we need to learn?

What is it we need to do?

What is it we need to see?


Send your Spirit of Love to your people,

Let her speak wisdom into our lives,

Let her open our eyes to changes that need to happen,

Let her be the strength that empowers us.

Guide us in the name of Christ, Amen


Rev Susan Pickering

June 30, 2020


Blessed be you, O Constant One

Ever present in our lives,

ever present in the world,

we offer our thanks and praise.


It is with deep gratitude,

that we offer our lives in service,

that we offer you our worship,

that we accept the call to witness.


As the pandemic continues around the world,

whilst we try to live lives of gratitude,

we cannot deny our sorrow.


We watch as the count continues to rise,

As lives continue to be lost.

Send your Spirit, upon the people of the world,

may she wrap around the suffering and be their comfort.

Send your Spirit, upon the frontline workers,

May she be the energy that fuels them in their work.

Send your Spirit, upon the researchers,

May she be the Wisdom that guides them,


We pray this in the name of the One who brought the kingdom into sight. Amen

Rev Susan Pickering

July 02, 2020



God of justice,

as we see the news around the world,

our eyes are open to the issues of injustice faced by so many.

Your Word is clear,

we are called to be a people of compassion, mercy, justice and love.

You created diversely and beautifully, You declared creation good.


God send your Spirit upon your people,

may she remind us that all lives are valuable,

that the whole of humanity bears your image.

May a flame desiring justice kindle deep within our souls,

stirring us to speak out and to act.


God transform our hearts with your grace,

guide our feet to walk in the footprints of Christ,

May we become a pilgrim people,

a people of the way, on the way.

In the name of the One who reveals you in fulness. Amen

Rev Susan Pickering

June 26, 2020


Guiding God
Blessed are you,
For you guide us through our wilderness moments,
When storms roll in,
You are our shelter.
When we thirst,
You are our living water.
When we hunger,
You provide us with manna.

Send your Spirit upon us,
May she tenderly nurture and comfort us,
May she remind us of your constant presence.
May she be the breath of live that renews our souls.

In the name of the One who leads us on. Amen


Rev Susan Pickering

June 25, 2020

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