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These are the sermons that Rev Bruce Johnson preached at the 9.30am service. Unless otherwise indicated they are based upon the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary, used by The Uniting Church in Australia.

The Uncomfortable Grace of God

15 Oct 2017

Luther and the other reformers wanted most was for people to experience God’s action in their lives first hand. Not waiting and hoping that when their time on earth ended that they might discover that God loved them all along, but that they would know here and now that they were welcome quests in God’s […]

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Tethered by the Law

8 Oct 2017

The 10 Commandments stands in stark contrast to the prevailing “whatever” approach to ethics and morality. While some argue that these are the most negative set of statements, one must ponder why the psalmists eulogised the law of God. Sunday 2017-10-08

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Saved by Faith

1 Oct 2017

It is not a matter of keeping score to make sure we do more good than bad so that when we die our balance will be in the positive. Rather the Christian life is about re-orienting ourselves towards God so that even when we do the bad, we can experience God’s forgiveness and grace. While […]

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Be rich in good works

20 Aug 2017

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…  be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, Sunday 2017-08-20

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Sharing Everything in Common: Is it a Good Idea?

13 Aug 2017

In my youth this was held up at the model of the church we should be trying to emulate. I and many others had said things like, “If the church today was like the early church, who would not want to join.” There were a number of Christian communities that sprang up around this model […]

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God and Mammon

6 Aug 2017

In a world where every news bulletin tells me what is happening on the world markets; At a stage of life when I watch the value of my share portfolio to see if it will pay off my house before I retire; in a world in which every government decision is scrutinised and debated according […]

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Do All Things Work Together For Good?

30 Jul 2017

I was travelling from Yandina to Southport for a job interview. I left early in the morning and was driving too fast overtaking several other cars. Another car pulled out in front of me and I lost control and rolled my car down a 3 metre embankment. My car was a write-off but I was […]

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Struggling With God

23 Jul 2017

The story of Jacob is a fascinating story that traces the rises and falls of his life’s journey. If we can get past the debate about whether these OT characters are real historical figures and see them as stories about a person’s engagement with God and life, they can be very illuminating. They can invite […]

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It’s All About the Soil

16 Jul 2017

For generations young farmers had been taught that ‘crooked furrows are the sign of a crooked mind’. So they had developed the skills that produced this neat, ordered approach to farming. Then someone pointed out to them that the lovely rich thick brown water pouring down the Fitzroy River in flood was the best of […]

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Colouring In is Hard

9 Jul 2017

I never liked colouring in! When I did colouring in as a child we were expected to keep between the lines. Those who could colour without the pencil marks showing and who did not slip out of the lines were awarded with prizes for neatness and artistic skill. I was never in that group. Sunday […]

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