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Congratulations!! Choosing to commit to someone in marriage is as challenging as it is exciting. At Saint Andrew’s we want to help you fulfil your hopes and dreams for your life together.

Making the Arrangements

To discuss a wedding in Saint Andrew’s, contact the Church Administrator, phone (07) 3221 2400 during office hours (Monday-Friday 9.00am – 2.00pm) or by email,  to check whether the date and time you want are available.

The Administrator will send you some material and arrange for you both to meet our Minister, Rev Susan Pickering. The date and time requested for a wedding remain provisional until the Minister has met with you and you have paid a deposit of $100.

When you meet with the Minister, you will need to sign the Federal Government’s ‘Notice of Intention’ between eighteen months and one month and one day before the proposed wedding. When you sign this, the Minister will need to see:

  • a full Birth Certificate (not an Extract).
  • If you were born overseas and are still a citizen of the country where you were born, your passport is required.
  • If you have been married before, a copy of the Decree of the Divorce or Dissolution of the Marriage; or the Death Certificate (as appropriate).


All couples will be required to meet with the Minister, this is an opportunity to meet her and discuss any pre-wedding counselling options, this is also an opportunity for personal details to be gathered, the signing of the Notice of Intention to Marry and address any questions you may have.

There will be a further 2 meetings required, not counting the wedding itself.

  • A meeting to plan the wedding ceremony.
  • A wedding rehearsal in the Church, involving all people involved in the wedding party, in the last few days before the wedding.

Of course further meetings can be arranged as needs arise.


Saint Andrew’s has a long tradition of fine music for its services. The Director of Music (Dr Steven Nisbet) is a fine musician, a competent accompanist and can accommodate most music requests.

The music chosen for a wedding should reflect the both the joy of the occasion, its Christian meaning, and the venue in which it takes place. The Minister and the Director of Music must approve all music and words of the hymns that will be used in the service. We have a suggested list of suitable music, but are open to other suggestions that fit with the meaning of the wedding service.

The pipe organ and a grand piano are available for use during services.

When selecting music for your wedding, please bear the copyright laws in mind.

Flowers, Ribbons, Furnishings and Confetti

The cost of flowers is included in the comprehensive fee, as is the use of bows and ribbons for the pews. Confetti should not be used inside or outside the Church.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Saint Andrew’s perform same gender weddings?

Yes, at Saint Andrew’s we have committed to marriage equality and so we simply do weddings.

Can we be married in the Church if we are not baptised?

Yes, you can. The Uniting Church does not require baptism before a wedding can happen in the Church.

What is the minimum period of notice?

Generally, three months. While the law requires at least one month and one days notice, three months allows adequate time for the various arrangements and meetings that need to happen to make your wedding a great occasion.

Can we have a wedding on Sunday?

While it is not very convenient because of the other services that happen on Sunday, if you have a special reason, please speak with us about it.

How many people can the Church seat?

The maximum seating capacity is 340 people.

Can our Minister from another church conduct the wedding?

It is possible for another Christian Minister to conduct a wedding at Saint Andrew’s with the approval of Rev Susan Pickering. Please speak to us about your wishes.

Can we be married in the Church if we are divorced?

Yes, you can be. The Minister will still want to discuss why you believe you are right with each other, as he would with any other couple.


The current cost of being married at Saint Andrew’s for 2019 is AUD$1,900.

This includes:

  • Minister’s fee
  • Organist’s fee
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Flowers
  • Cleaning
  • Office administration

Dependant upon needs the fee is negotiable.


A deposit of AUD$100 is required when booking the date for the wedding, usually at the first appointment with the Minister, and the balance of the fee is required no less than two weeks before the wedding.

Further Information

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact the Church Administrator during office hours on (07) 3221 2400, or email