Baptism is a gift of God, it is the sign of new life, the sign by which the Spirit of God joins people to Jesus Christ and incorporates them into his body, the Church. 

Baptism’s are celebrated as part of the Sunday morning worship, the welcoming into the body of Christ in the midst of the gathered body of Christ. Find out more about baptism's here.

The liturgy includes:

  • Acknowledging Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God who reconciles us to God

  • Accepting Christ as the centre of family life and the life of your child

  • Seeking the help of the Holy Spirit

  • Committing to teaching your child the way of Christ as he/she grows


You can find the full liturgy here.


Do we baptise babies and children?

Yes. In baptising babies and children, parents are asked to make responses on behalf of the child.

Do we baptise adults?


Can I be re-baptised?

No in the UCA we recognise baptism as entering to a once for all action. There is an option for renewal of baptismal vows an option that omits the use of water.

Does baptism in the UCA mean that we become ‘UCA’?

No - baptism incorporates people into the Body of Christ not a specific denomination. UCA baptism is acknowledge by 8 major Christian churches.

How do I arrange for my child’s baptism?

Either complete the contact form below or contact the Church Office on (07) 3221 2400) and arrange to speak with the Minister. The Minister will make arrangements to visit or meet with you to discuss the baptism and the service.

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