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  • 2022 January
    02/01/22 A reminder of our role as the body of Christ in the world. Readings: Jeremiah 31:7-14 & John 1:10-18 09/01/22 Reflecting on Baptism, Community and the rise of individualism. Readings: Isaiah 43:1 - 7 & Luke 3:15- 17, 21 - 22 16/01/22 The Vindication and Salvation of Zion - restoration, re-creation and transformation. Reading: Isaiah 62:1-5 23/01/22 Luke 4:14-21. Reading: Luke 4:14-21 20/01/22 Jeremiah’s Call and Commission & The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth cont Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10 & Luke 4:21 - 30
  • 2021 December
    05/12/21 Malachi 3:1-4 Reading: Malachi 3:1-4 & Luke 3:1-6 12/12/21 Zephaniah 3:14 - 20 Reading: Zephaniah 3:14 - 20 & Luke 3:7 - 18 19/12/21 Micah 5:2 – 5a Readings from Micah 5:2 – 5a and Luke 1:39 25/12/21 What if God was one of us? Readings: Isaiah 62:6 - 12 & Luke 2:8 - 20
  • 2021 November
    07/11/21 Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing-Floor & The Genealogy of David Reading: Ruth 3:1 - 5, 4:13 - 17 14/11/21 Samuel’s Birth and Dedication & The Destruction of the Temple Foretold followed Readings 1 Samuel 1:4-20 & Mark 13:1-8 21/11/21 2 Samuel 23:1-7 Reading: 2 Samuel 23:1-7 28/11/21 Jesus Begins His Ministry in Galilee & Jesus Calls the first Disciples Reading: Matthew 4:12-22
  • 2021 October
    03/10/21 Jesus teaches on divorce and remarriage. Reading: Mark 10:2-16 10/10/21 Job Replies: My Complaint Is Bitter - suffering continues to be a great mystery of life, what does this wisdom literature offer us? Reading: Job 23:1 - 9; 16 - 17 17/10/21 The Request of James and John Reading: Mark 10:35 - 45 24/10/21 The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus. Reading: Mark 10:46 - 52 31/10/21 Elimelech’s Family Goes to Moab & Naomi and Her Moabite Daughters-in-Law. An introduction to a powerful story of two women who are strengthened by their mutual vulnerability in a patriarchal world. Reading: Ruth 1:1 - 18
  • 2021 September
    05/09/21 The Syrophoenician Woman & Jesus. Inclusion is the cornerstone of the Kingdom. Reading: Mark 7:24 - 37 12/09/21 Identity and Lifestyle, who is Jesus , who do we follow? Reading: Mark 8:27 - 38 19/09/21 Discipleship - identity, lifestyle and peace. What is the child we need to embrace today? Reading: Mark 9:30 - 37 26/09/21 Continuing to consider power, position and privilege. Reading: Mark 9:38 - 50
  • 2021 August
    01/08/21 Jesus the Bread from Heaven. We need to engage with the hunger that lies deep within, reclaim our faith. Reading: John 6:24-35 08/08/21 Continuation of the Bread from Heaven discourse. Reading: John 6:35; 41-51 15/08/21 Bread from Heaven cont…The peculiar way that is the way of Jesus. Reading: John 6:41-58 22/08/21 Bread from Heaven Cont… The final reading of the Bread from Heaven discourse leaves us with choices. Reading: John 6:56-69 29/08/21 The Tradition of the Elders - Religion or God? Legalism verses love. Are we prepared to explore our hearts? Reading: Mark 7:1 – 8; 14 – 15; 21 - 23
  • 2021 July
    04/07/2021 The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth & The Mission of the Twelve. A prophet not welcome or heard in their own town. The 12 told to go and rely completely on the hospitality of others. Readings: Mark 6:1-13 11/07/2021 The execution of John the Baptist. A political threat who dared to speak truth to power it was never going to end well. Readings: Mark 6:14-29 18/07/2021 Today's reading seems to go around the houses, the brackets surrounding the feeding for the 5000 and walking on water. Can it offer us food for thought? Readings: Mark 6:30 – 34 & 53 - 56 25/07/2021 Feeding the Five Thousand & Jesus Walks on the Water - scarcity and abundance can our mindsets be challenged? John 6:1-21
  • 2021 June
    June 20 Reading: 1 Corinthinas 1:18-25 June 13 Reading: Isa 65:17-25 June 06 Binding the Strong Man Reading: Mark 3:20 - 35 June 02 Reading: Romans 8:12-17
  • 2021 May
    30/06/2021 Trinity Sunday, Nicodemus grapples with trying to understand, the challenge for us - how do we understand God, what is the nature of God? Reading: John 3:1 - 17 23/05/2021 Pentecost Sunday, the gift of the Spirit to community. Reading: Acts 2: 1 - 21 16/05/2021 Jesus Prays for His Disciples. The baton is passed on, this prayer is for us too. Reading: John 17:6 - 19 09/05/2021 Abiding in love, love is all you need, it's as simple and as complex as that. Reading: John 15:9 - 17 02/05/2021 Jesus the True Vine, a call to live in community as love. Reading: John 15:1 - 8,
  • 2021 April
    25/04/21 The Lord is my shepherd and the good shepherd. Today on ANZAC Day how does this speak to us? Readings: Psalm 23 and John 10:11​ - 18 18/04/21 Jesus appears to the disciples. Jesus turns up and greets the disciples with Shalom. We ought to be disturbed and unsettled by the resurrection account. Reading: Luke 24:36b - 48 11/04/21 Jesus Appears to the Disciples. A profound declaration of faith and a commission to continue the Kingdom movement in the Power of the Spirit. Reading: John 20:19 - 31 04/04/21 Easter Sunday Reading: Mark 16:1-8
  • 2021 February/March
    21/03/21 Lent 5 'The Hour has Come,' deep in the Lenten journey and heading towards Jerusalem and Good Friday we must engage with the reality of discipleship. Reading: John 12:20​-33 07/03/21 Lent 3 Jesus Cleanses the Temple. What have we come to accept? What needs to be cleaned out? Reading: John 2:13​-22 28/02/21 Lent 2 The Way of the Cross. The Way of the Cross is often romanticised, the cross often reduced to personal adornment, any yet is was so much more, the way of the cross is a matter of life and death. As we continue to journey through Lent we are provided with an opportunity to reflect and meditate on what it means to follow Jesus. Reading: Mark 8:31 - 38
  • 2021 January
    31/01/21 The Man with an Unclean Spirit, Jesus rocks up at the synagogue and begins to teach. He teaches with an authority unlike the scribes. Reading: Mark 1:21​ - 28 24/01/21 The start of Jesus' public ministry, no spectacular speech or miracles, Mark tells how Jesus begins here with a recruitment story. Reading: Mark 1:14​-20 17/01/21 N/A 10/01/21 We begin our journey into Epiphany with the baptism of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. 03/01/21 The Word became flesh. the prologue of John read as narrative becomes rich, it's a challenge to all, to really explore whether we would be and accepter or rejecter when we consider the life and ministry of Jesus. Reading: John 1:1 - 18
  • 2020 December
    27/12/20 Christmas 1 Jesus is presented at the temple. Simeon and Anna, two old souls had lived and seen much. They had a dream that salvation would come and here in Simeon’s arms it lay. Reading: Luke 2:22​ - 40 25/12/20 Christmas Day Christmas Day, the best of us can forget the bizarre story about the birth of a baby in some far off land that lies at the heart of todays celebrations. The core message of this story is that God chose to enter the turbulent, confusing, messy experience of being human. 20/12/20 Advent 4 The Annunciation. A meeting of the angelic and the human, Mary, although a virgin consents, and becomes Θεοτόκος, (Theotokos) God bearer. Mystery and magic, a parable calling us to enter the story. Reading: Luke 1:26​ - 38 13/12/20 Advent 3 The Magnificat, Mary's Song of Praise. A simple song of praise? A revolutionary Advent Hymn? Looking at this powerful song of praise and why it's still important today. 06/12/20 Advent 2
  • 2020 November
    29/11/20 Advent 1 The Coming of the Son of Man, a call to stay awake, a call to action. Reading: Mark 13:24 - 37 22/11/20 Christ the King Judgement of the Nations, Sheep or Goat? Take the journey from head to heart. Reading: Matthew 25:31 - 46 15/11/20 Parable of the Talents. Can the man who returns as a harsh master really be God? Do we just ignore it or is there another way to read this parable? Maybe we need to turn this upside down? Reading: Matthew 25:14 - 30 08/11/20 The 10 Bridesmaids, being prepared is about embracing the counter cultural way of Jesus, working to establish the Kingdom. Remember, as Crossan says, “the kingdom is power and rule, process more than a place, a way of life much more than a location.” Reading: Matthew 25:1-13 01/11/20 All Saints Day. Who are the simple saints and how might we reconsider the beatitudes? Reading: Matthew 5:1-12
  • 2020 October
    25/10/20 Which is the Greatest Commandment, yet another challenge. Can we love God and not neighbour? What does it mean? rules or love? Reading: Matthew 22:34 - 46 18/10/20 Is it lawful to pay taxes? a controversial issue through the ages, the ultimate question is to whom do we belong? Reading: Matt 22:15-22 11/10/20 Still in intense debate over the nature and source of his authority Jesus give us the parable of a king and a wedding banquet for his son. Are we open to the transformation offered by God? Reading: Matthew 22:1 - 14 04/10/20 The second parable of 3 as Jesus is challenged about the nature and source of his authority - The Wicked Tenants! Reading: Matthew 21:33 - 46
  • 2020 September
    27/09/20 As radical and unorthodox as Jesus has appeared to this point, he is now upping the ante with the Chief Priests and elders who basically respond with; “how very dare you? By what authority? Jesus addresses issues of power, authority and fear. Reading: Matthew 21:23-32 20/09/20 Jesus shares a challenge with the parable of the workers in the vineyard. How does this challenge you? Reading: Matthew 20:1-16 13/09/20 The social world of Matthew and forgiveness. Reading: Matthew 18:21 - 35 06/09/20 Is living in community as simple as loving one another? Conflict is a reality in our human existence, how do our readings help in the journey to reconciliation? Readings: Matthew 18:15-20 & Romans 13:8-14
  • 2020 August
    30/08/20 Standing on Holy Ground, the mission field of God. Reading: Exodus 3:1-15 23/08/20 The birth of Moses, a Tyrant King and 5 Feisty Women. An ancient account of Civil Disobedience. Reading: Exodus 1:8 – 2:10 16/08/20 Jesus' encounter with the Canaanite Woman. Reading: Matthew 15:21-28 09/08/20 Jesus walks on water, discipleship calls us to step out of the boat and take risks. Reading: Matthew 14:22 - 33 02/08/20 Jesus feeds 5,000+, it's natural to zoom in on the miracle of multiplication but there is so much in this passage. Reading: Matthew 14:13 - 21
  • 2020 July
    26/07/20 The Kingdom of Heaven is Like.... Do we understand? Readings: Matthew 13:31​-33 & 44 – 52 19/07/20 Parable of the weeds among the wheat - how do we respond? 12/07/20 Parables, simple stories or something more? Easy explanation or take the challenge to engage, interpret and explore? They are open to us, we begin with the parable of the Sower. Reading: Matthew Chapter 13 05/07/20 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light,' does this mean discipleship will be easy? Readings: Matthew 11:16​ - 19; 25 - 30
  • 2020 June
    28/06/20 Abraham commanded to offer Isaac as a burnt offering, do we want a God who tests? Reading: Genesis 22:1-14 21/06/20 We again enter the book of Genesis, Hagar is banished, what can this narrative offer us today? Reading: Genesis 21:8-21 14/06/20 A reflection on divine promise and possibility in impossibility. Reading: Genesis 18:1 - 15 07/06/20 Trinity Sunday Would we miss the doctrine of the Trinity? Let's go on a journey and explore the mystery.
  • 2020 May
    31/05/20 Pentecost Celebration of Pentecost 24/05/20 We look at Jesus' prayer for the disciples and his call for unity. Reading: John 17:1 - 11 17/05/20 Paul's speech to the Athenians, an opportunity to reflect how we share our faith. Reading: Acts 17:22​-31 10/05/20 Jesus declares ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life'. Reading: John 14:1-14 03/05/20 Jesus as the Shepherd and the gate, and the early community of people of the way. Readings: John 10:1 - 10 & Acts 2:42 - 47
  • 2020 March/April
    26/04/20 The road to Emmaus Readings: Peter 1:17​-23 & Luke 24:13-35 19/04/20 Easter 2 Jesus appears to the disciples on the evening of the resurrection. John 20:19 - 131 12/04/20 Easter Sunday He is Risen! Sermon/reflection on Easter Sunday. Love, liberation, the empty tomb and the call to continue the work of Christ today. 10/04/20 Good Friday Reflection on the accounts of Good Friday 05/04/20 Palm Sunday Reflecting on Palm Sunday and the final journey into Jerusalem 29/03/20 Lent 6 A reflection on restoration and re-creation. Readings: John 11:1-45 and Ez 37:1-14
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