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Floristry Workgroup

Each week these creative men and women of Saint Andrews arrange the sanctuary flowers for the Sunday Services to welcome and inspire worship and to grace the church on special occasions such as Weddings.  The members of the workgroup fulfill this voluntary service in teams of two, once every six to eight weeks.

The Flower ministry always welcomes new members. No formal training is required as members are paired with an experienced team member. Workshops are held from time to time to up-skill.  Please contact the Church office if you would like to be part of this great team.

Why Church Flowers?

Flowers have an established place in the garden, our homes, in celebration, in remembering, in love, in sickness and especially in the church to inspire and enhance. There are many benefits of this service to the Congregation of Saint Andrews and visitors, which include:

Celebrating, Commemorating and in Memorial: The floristry program enables members of the congregation to contribute to the flower cost weekly in celebration of a special event in their lives such as a baptism, birthday, anniversary, to remember loved ones or to just give thanks. This program plays a significant role in the life of the church, building community by openly sharing loss, memories and celebrations in this quiet and beautiful way.

Building on Worship: Flowers add joy to the service; uplifting and peaceful, the arrangements enhance nature’s beauty and give us the opportunity to admire God’s handiwork. The colour and form help focus on special occasions in the church calendar such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.

Weddings: Flowers add to the celebration of the weddings held in our church and the Floristry Workgroup ensures beautiful arrangements are provided for these special occasions.

The Flower Giving Program

The cost of purchasing fresh flowers for the sanctuary each week is made by donation. The total cost each week is $180, however any donations are welcomed. Please contact the Church office for scheduling a financial contribution and to arrange for the wording to appear in the weekly News & Notes. 

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